JINZIHAO offers the system and technology in heating and water treatment of boiler. It has been doing this for more than ten years, with the enthusiasm of being a leader and a creator of innovation in China, offering technological excellent in burner spare parts and quality service. 

We are one of biggest professional supplier for Chinese burner spare parts, covering oil pump, oil & gas filter, control unit (relay), sensor (photocell), transformer, servomotor, solenoid valve, nozzle, fan, Electrode, Probe, Coupling, Heating Cartridge etc. , which could be used for Weishaupt , Riello , Elcoflam, Benton, Baltur and so forth brand of oil burner and gas burner.

After ten years of development, we have had series of Logos authorized by Chinese government, such as GEOX, BECKETT, YORK, KRANIMUS, SUNSET etc.
From 1997 to 2008 year, the company had developed the sales network in Chinese market, with extensive sales organization covering GuangZhou office, HangZhou office, ShangHai office, ChangZhou office, QingDao office, ChengDu office, Xi’An office , BeiJing office , also with the FuJian QuanZhou Headquarters. 
2004 the company consolidates its presence in the Chinese market with the important series of E-business advertising campaigns. 
We’re devoting to research and develop new technical products, and remove separateness between different products. It’s very most important we’re always seeking new application opportunities in a primordial elements. 
JinZiHao group means reliable, solid, forward-looking research development for new product where competence, trust and ability are key to excellence, providing value for clients.
Kindly please pay your attention that JINZIHAO is always an honest and excellent partner specializing in burner & equipments and related fittings.

In 1998 year, our company was founded in Quanzhou, which is the Point of the Marine Silk Route. 

In 1999 year, first branch of JinZiHao was established in Nanjing. But after half of yearNanjing office had been moved to Shanghai because of environment.

From 2001 year, other branches of JinZihao included Guangzhou office, Zhejiang office, Beijingoffice, Shandong office have been founded reciprocally in the related great cities.

Up to now, we have an extensive sales organization in domestic market covering Fujian, Zhejiang,Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, ShanDong?ChongQing?ShanXi?and so on. And also we have brands by ourselves for products, like Beckett, York, Geox and forth.